I've been in the Mobile DJ business since 2002. My brother was graduating from high school and my mom was trying to figure out what to do for entertainment at the graduation party. Being a DJ was always something that I had thought about, and since I had some money saved up, I decided to buy the basic equipment and give it a try. I absolutely loved the feel of playing for the crowd (mostly friends and family at the time) and knew that I had made a great decision. Since that first gig, I have continued to grow and expand my business into what it is today. I now enjoy DJ'ing for a wide variety of venues and events, from large corporate parties and beautiful weddings to a backyard birthday party or celebration. Each gig brings it's own flair and personality, and being a mobile DJ gives me lots of experiences that a club DJ would not get to enjoy. I take great pride in tailoring each gig to fit the needs of each individual client. My ten years in the industry have given me a firm grasp on how to be effective and successful in the ever-changing world of the mobile DJ business. With each event I strive to bring the most fun yet professional demeanor to your party that I can. Contact me today and let's get started planning your event!